Torrenga Engineering, Inc.

Torrenga Surveying, LLC

Consulting Engineers & Land Surveyors

Torrenga Engineering has been responsible for the design and construction of many major developments in the area of Munster, Schererville, Highland, Griffith and St. John. A complete surveying and engineering service allows both public and private entities to visit us with an idea and see that idea transformed to a finished product without outside consultation. Our projects have included roads, sewers, water systems, pump stations, bridges and all other civil engineering disciplines.

Torrenga Surveying performs surveying services in Lake, Porter, La Porte, Newton, Jasper and Starke Counties in Indiana. Our projects include ALTA and boundary surveys, topographical surveys, route surveys, engineering surveys as well as all types of construction lay out.


Torrenga Engineering, Inc. and Torrenga Surveying, LLC are located at 907 Ridge Road, Munster, Indiana, approximately 3/4 miles South of Interstate Highway #94 and 1/8 mile East of U.S. Route #41 (Calumet Avenue). We are only 40 minutes from downtown Chicago and fifteen minutes from the Gary Airport. Surveying also operates a satellite office located at 351 Lincolnway, Valparaiso, Indiana. Both offices can be reached at (219) 836-8918 or (219) 462-7452.

Torrenga Engineering, Inc.
Torrenga Surveying, LLC.